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HY crane co. ltd is a world-leading of Lifting equipment manufacturer and service provider in China. It has more than 60 years of Machinery manufacturing history which offers specialized high-end lifting equipment and advanced materials handling solutions.

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The design and manufacture of HY products are according to the European Union CE certification standards and under the supervision of Bureau Veritas of French, including overhead crane, gantry crane, electric hoist, and shipbuilding gantry crane, bridge launching crane, road construction crane, container gantry crane, portal crane, girder lifting crane, ship loader, Europe type single and double girder bridge crane. Our products are mainly used in heavy-duty industrial handling, bridge and road construction, port, shipyard, Inter-modal terminal, dock, and terminal bulk to increase productivity and competitiveness.

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HY Crane has also involved in nuclear electricity & hydro-power, Aeronautics & astronautics, military industry, and other high-end industry, HY Crane has provided a large number of first-class equipment for major projects and key projects in many countries.

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Through decades of unremitting efforts. In the world, HY Crane has more than 6000 staff and over 100 service networks, HY Crane has been serviced by more than 5000 companies, and the products are popular in over 50 developed and developing countries.

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