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Bridge Girder Launcher

Bridge Girder Erecting Launcher Crane applies to the highway, railway bridges to the construction site of bridge construction. Bridge Girder Erecting Launcher Crane mainly consisted of main beam, cantilever, under guide beam, front and rear legs, auxiliary outrigger, hanging beam crane, cantilever crane, and elector-hydraulic system.

It applies to three different span single-span simply supported beam erection, with high operating efficiency.

Product Details:

bridge girder launcher 6

Product Features:

• Easy to install
• Convenient and reliable
• Heavy load
• Flexible operation
• High efficiency

bridge girder launcher 7

Product Parameters:

  MCJH50/200 MCJH40/160 MCJH40/160 MCJH35/100 MCJH30/100
Lifting capacity 200t 160t 120t 100t 100t
applicable span ≤55m ≤50m ≤40m ≤35m ≤30m
applicable skew bridge angle 0-450 0-450 0-450 0-450 0-450
trolley lifting speed 0.8m/min 0.8m/min 0.8m/min 1.27m/min 0.8m/min
Trolley longitudinal moving speed 4.25m/min 4.25m/min 4.25m/min 4.25m/min 4.25m/min
cart longitudinal moving speed 4.25m/min 4.25m/min 4.25m/min 4.25m/min 4.25m/min
cart transverse moving speed 2.45m/min 2.45m/min 2.45m/min 2.45m/min 2.45m/min
transportation capacity of bridge transport vehicle 100t X2 80t X2 60t X2 50t X2 50t X2
heavy load speed of bridge transport vehicle 8.5m/min 8.5m/min 8.5m/min 8.5m/min 8.5m/min
bridge transport vehicle return speed 17m/min 17m/min 17m/min 17m/min 17m/min

bridge girder launcher 8

Application and After-Sales Service:

Application: Highway; Railway; Bridge

After-Sales Service:

Exclusive engineer support
2-year warranty
Free training to end-users
Free spare crane parts
Online support

bridge girder launcher 9

Our advantage:

1、The complete logistics service of door to door
2、Providing reasonable drawing within 24 hours
3、After-service department online within 24 hours

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Production Line Configuration:

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