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  • Bridge Girder Launcher

    Bridge Girder Erecting Launcher Crane applies to the highway, railway bridges to the construction site of bridge construction. Bridge Girder Erecting Launcher Crane mainly consisted of main beam, cantilever, under guide beam, front and rear legs, auxiliary outrigger, hanging beam crane, cantilever crane, and elector-hydraulic system.

    It applies to three different span single-span simply supported beam erection, with high operating efficiency.

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  • LD Type Single Girder Overhead Crane

    Single girder overhead crane has two operation methods: pendant control and cabin control which can meet crane different working conditions. It usually consists of the chain hoist and electric hoist used as the lifting trolley.

    The bridge crane lifting capacity differs from 0.5 ton to 30 ton. It can fit for workshop span.

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  • Good Quality European Type Double Girder Overhead Crane

    Double girder overhead cranes are designed according to European standards with features of compact design, Energy Conservation, Soft Start Motor, Easy to install and maintain. European double girder overhead cranes are applied to transfer, assembly, and repair in the workshop, warehouse, plant, and Power station. Working-class are light and medium-duty.

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  • Hot Selling Oudoors MH Type Single Girder Gantry Crane

    Single girder gantry crane is a kind of track traveling mid-light type crane, used together with CD, MD, HC model electrical hoist, according to the shape. The single girder gantry crane consists of four main parts, namely, the bridge structure, the traveling mechanism, the trolley, and the electric equipment. Its proper lifting weight is 5 to 32 tons, proper span is 12 to 40 meters and the working temperature is -20℃ to + 40℃.

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  • High Standard Safe Lift European Type Hoist

    Europe hoist is composed of the motor, drive mechanism, and the drum or sprocket composition, it is divided into wire rope electric hoist and chain electric hoist. It can be mounted on a single beam, bridge, gantry, and jib crane, with slight modification. It is widely used in factories, mines, harbors, warehouses, cargo storage areas, and shops, essential in raising working efficiency and improving working conditions.

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  • High Quality Electric Wall Mounted Jib Crane

    Wall-mounted jib cranes can be widely used in the production lines of factories, mines, workshops, assembly lines, and machine tools, as well as heavy lifting of warehouses, docks, and other occasions.

    The wall-mounted jib crane is energy-saving and efficient material lifting equipment. It has the advantages of novel structure, reasonableness, simplicity, convenient operation, flexible rotation, light weight, flexible load movement, etc.

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