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  • High Quality Electric Wall Mounted Jib Crane

    Wall-mounted jib cranes can be widely used in the production lines of factories, mines, workshops, assembly lines, and machine tools, as well as heavy lifting of warehouses, docks, and other occasions.

    The wall-mounted jib crane is energy-saving and efficient material lifting equipment. It has the advantages of novel structure, reasonableness, simplicity, convenient operation, flexible rotation, light weight, flexible load movement, etc.

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  • Good Sales Efficient Lift Use Floor Mounted Jib Crane

    Jib Crane is a new product that extended from Freestanding Jib Cranes.

    It adopts a slowing ring and sectional arm structure. The hoisting height of the crane reaches 2.5-6 meters. The radius of working reaches 7-12 meters.

    A jib crane is suitable for metallurgy, railway, dock, mechanical manufacturing, and so on. It also can replace bridge cranes and gantry cranes in many situations because of the high profit with less investment. This type of machine is really popular in the international market.

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